Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ok, I have to admit I feel a little embarrassed to come back to this blog after neglecting it for so long. I started it fully intending to post every single day, and, well...

Anyway, the past few months have been a whirlwind of job hunting, job starting, wedding prep and planning, gardening, preserving, learning and stressing. The brief rundown:

  • Wedding in less than two weeks. GAH. I'm like a kid at Christmas.
  • In the very early stages of looking into home ownership. Yikes.
  • My garden was basically ravaged by deer.
  • Fortunately my grandmother, aunt & uncle had great success with the HUGE garden on their property, and have been sharing the wealth.
  • Dad and I have taken bushel after bushel of tomatoes from said garden and made gallons of tomato sauce, which was then frozen or canned. Home preserving is awesome. Checked canning off my "to-learn" list.
  • Had a couple of disappointing experiences with breadmaking, and gave it a rest for a while. I get frustrated easily. Just threw together some no-knead dough tonight, hopefully this batch turns out ok and I get back into baking regularly.
  • Started work at a bridal gown store. It's... a job. But I really need to make more money, or get a second part-time job (ugh). I'm desperate to get my credit card debt paid off.
  • 2009 = craziest, most eventful year of my life. This is one for the books.