Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A week ago I applied for a consolidation of debts loan. Today I was denied. No idea why, but I'm told I'll get a letter of explanation. 

This probably isn't a huge setback, but it sure feels like one. I'm discouraged and even more stressed. I knew when I quit the Census Bureau that it would be hard to find a job that let me keep up with my bills, but it's been much worse than I anticipated. I've had the part-time weekend thing at Petco for about six weeks I think, and the money sucks. I've applied to at least 50 places by now. I've eaten all my delusions of staying true to what I wanted in a job, because I'm desperate. I can't shake off this guilt that I've ruined things for Kenny and I. How will we ever get a house when I'm unable to save and I'm wrecking my credit? How will we pay for our wedding? 

Today sucks.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tonight I harvested the first batch of swiss chard, cooked it up, and then fainted from sheer joy. No, but it was really fucking delicious. I sauteed it in a cast iron skillet with garlic and olive oil, then once it wilted I sprinkled parmesan cheese on top and stuck it under the broiler to brown. I don't cook often, and when I do it's usually something very simple or, like this dish, one that I've seen my dad make a million times. Let me tell you, it's 100% true that nothing tastes better than food you grew yourself. That was easily one of the most satisfying dishes I've ever eaten.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

News video from the BBC (and can I just mention how much I love the BBC for reporting the news without constantly injecting the reporter/anchor's personal opinion into the story, like American news stations) on the violent protests in Tehran over the election results. As they say in the broadcast, protests like this have been unheard of for the last 30+ years in a country where the population prefers to "keep their heads down." Hopefully this marks a turning point and the beginning of the end for religious dictatorship in Iran.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My mom's Etsy store is finally online! I need to make a banner and pretty up the page, but for now at least we have a few products up. MANY more to come, so stay tuned! The Wratty Wren.

In the garden, all sorts of activity.  A few days ago, we opened up the compost bin and shoveled out the first batch of compost, and spread it over the garden. The plants definitely seemed to appreciate the nutritional boost. The swiss chard is gorgeous, probably going to cook some up in the next few days. The tomato plants have nearly doubled in size, and look great aside from a little fungus on the leaves which my dad wants to treat with a neem oil spray. One of the heirloom tomato plants has a single green tomato, the pea plants each have one or two adorable little pea pods, and the bush beans all have tons of pretty little purple flowers. Unfortunately the deer moseyed into my garden the other night and munched down a couple of bean plants... they must've been rather unappetizing however, because the majority of the plant was left alone. Only the top leaves of two or three plants were eaten. We set up a motion-sensing sprinkler that will theoretically go off when the deer approach and scare them away. 

I was supposed to interview for a second part-time job at a kennel/dog rescue today. I even spoke to the lady this morning, asking for the address. It sounded like she was in the car, and she asked if she could call me back in a few minutes. She never called back, and maybe it's for the best. I don't know the address but I know the city, and I have to cross the Bay Bridge which scares the crap out of me. 

Guess I'll go plant the rest of my seeds instead. Squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumbers. Summery goodness!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The first signs of yummies to come: a little white flower on one of the pea vines, and a tiny green tomato on one of the tomato plants (I can't remember the name of this variety off the top of my head... black something. Black prince? A variety that is supposed to produce early in the season and thrive even in wet, cool conditions.). 

Today I harvested the last of the romaine. Some unknown critter was dispatching my romaine (and only the romaine, no other plants) in the most bizarre way... at the base of the plants, it looked as though they had simply been clipped off with shears, and the plants simply toppled over. The weirdest part was that none of the plants were actually EATEN. Not even nibbled on. Aside from that oddity, the romaine did fairly well. However, I doubt I'll grow it or the arugula again next year. We just don't eat it enough. The patch of garden that was dedicated to lettuce will be home to six ichiban eggplant seedlings as of tomorrow.

For a little 10x10 backyard garden, which I planted without a clue as to my soil type or acidity level or what plants would do well in said soil types or acidity levels... it's coming along damn nicely. Hope it continues.

Monday, June 1, 2009

As promised... pictures!