Monday, January 18, 2010


I paid off one credit card this week. Seeing that zero balance feels AWESOME. I've been using the "snowball method" to pay my cards down, and my lowest balance card was also the card with the highest interest rate. One down, four to go.

Monday, January 11, 2010


YES. I'm back. I didn't exactly make a New Years resolution, it just happened to be right around New Year's Day that I resolved to bring this ol' thing back to live and start writing on the regular again. No pressure this time: I won't force myself to update every single day, and I won't force myself to write something meaningful or profound every time I update.

On that note, 2010 has been pretty awesome so far. For the first time in several YEARS I can finally say "I love my job." Retail will always be retail, but the best kind of retail can only involve coming to work and seeing puppies at least once a day. Oh, and the best kind of retail can only involve supplying said puppies with quality, holistic food and supplies. Oh, and the best kind of retail pays you what you're worth.
Yes, this is as close to heaven as retail can get.

Now that the relatively substantial paychecks are coming in, my lofty aspirations for the new year involve paying down by debt. A lot. About 75% by December, to be exact. I'm allowing myself quite a bit of flexibility on that number, because I don't know what this year will bring as far as financial needs. But if I pay off 50%, I'll be more than happy. Next paycheck, I'll make the final payment on my lowest-balance credit card. One down, four to go.