Monday, May 11, 2009

The forecast for this week: I get a job. I had a phone interview today for a, administrative assistant position, and while I swore I'd never do another admin job after my last experience, I think this promises to be different. For starters, I can bring my dogs to work (!!!!). I can work from home for at least a few hours a week. And it's part time, 20 hours a week, which I'm sure will be easier to handle than 8 hours a day of monotonous filing and faxing. They said they loved my resume and would be calling to set up a second interview later in the week.


Tomorrow at 11 I have an interview to be a dog washer at Petco. Likely low pay and physically challenging work, but I'd work with dogs again! It's another part time job. I think I'd enjoy doing both. I feel confident I'll get hired at one or the other, if not both. Finally landing a job will be a huge weight off my shoulders. 

In garden news, I had no idea how fast bush beans grow. I mean, in two days since their little green stems started to surface, they have grown taller than anything in that garden but the onions. The broccoli plants are still tiny, fragile seedlings, and the basil has JUST barely peeked out of the soil. It's fun to see how differently things grow. 

In other news, I finally cracked open the "Organizing for Dummies" book I bought online six months ago. One chapter in, I couldn't stay focused enough to continue. A few days ago I started my self-prescribed ADD treatment of daily B-complex and magnesium supplements... they may take a while to kick in.  

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