Monday, May 4, 2009

Quitting my job has been mightily stressful, but I can't say I haven't enjoyed the vast amounts of free time. I decided before I even quit that I would stay busy and productive working on all my personal projects, and I can proudly say that I've done just that. The garden obviously has been my pet project, but there's also been the wedding planning, starting and maintaining my blog, getting moved and settled in to our basement apartment, establishing an Etsy store with my mom (still in the planning stages), and then there's the continual job hunt. Today commenced the latest and greatest: The Get In Shape and Lose the Pooch Project.

Let me start by saying I feel fortunate to have made it to quarterlife and never worried about my weight. I'm still not worried about my weight. I'm worried about my health, my lack of physical strength and stamina, and the little gathering of chub in my midsection that has come to be known affectionately as "the pooch." Well, I have a semi-legitimate reason to be worried about the pooch... I have a wedding dress I'll need to fit into! I'd be lying if I said my main reason for this undertaking was to improve my overall health, although that IS extremely important to me. Vanity was the real kicker. I have a belly for the first time in my life and it's slightly appalling to me. 

Anywho, I woke up and STAYED up at 7 a.m., and did 30 minutes of a kundalini yoga DVD with my mom. My mom and I then worked until the early afternoon reorganizing the unfinished side of the basement, and bringing things down from the garage. Not exactly an aerobic workout, but we were continually moving, walking, and carrying, certainly burning some calories. I took a break to eat some lunch and take the dogs on a short walk. My food intake really didn't change from a typical day, either in what I ate or how much of it. 

I'm not measuring myself or weighing myself regularly, because I don't want this to turn into a regimen or obsession. I'll know I've achieved my goal when I no longer feel like I have to unbutton my jeans to feel comfortable when I sit.

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