Sunday, April 12, 2009

I need to carry a camera around with me like I used to. I wanted to take pictures of the garden yesterday because the onions and the swiss chard were both sprouting. The arugula, romaine and chives are thriving, but the garlic seems to be a lost cause. My mom planted 4 blueberry bushes out back by the treeline so they can have part shade. Next up to plant are the blackberry bushes, then in a couple weeks we have the tomatos, peppers, eggplant, strawberries, basil, cucumbers, watermelon and squash.

Mom's also planting TONS of extra flowers in her flower gardens... zinnias, lavender, and gerbera daisies. The hope is that Kenny and I can use almost exclusively homegrown flowers for our wedding, or at least supplement what we have to buy. Flower arrangements are expensive, and the flowers are usually grown with large amounts of pesticides, shipped in from across the country or internationally because they're out of season or not locally grown, and then... thrown in the trash after the wedding. No bueno for our budget-conscious, eco-friendly wedding. The homegrown flowers are just one aspect of the kind of wedding (and lifestyle) we're trying to have... more on that tomorrow. I haven't been up this late in close to a year, and I'm getting a little delirious. Ah, unemployment!

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