Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's good to have a humbling moment every now and again.

What happens when you enthusiastically spray down your lettuce plants with homemade, eco-friendly insect repellant, then walk off smug and satisfied that you killed those stupid aphids and didn't use chemical pesticides in the process?

You forget that vinegar is acidic and start burning the crap out of the leaves until your mother fortunately happens to notice and rinses your plants off with the garden hose.

My lovely little lettuce bunches, all bright and green, are now nice and browned around the edges. I initially berated myself over this blunder, but at the request of my future husband I've been working on rolling with the punches instead of freaking out whenever something unexpected happens. Besides, the plants didn't even die. So no big deal. Lesson learned.

Yesterday we planted more onions since the first batch has grown so nicely, and two rows of green beans. Today goes the cucumbers, peas, two kinds of basil, dill, and cantaloupe. 

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  1. hooray for special moments! i'm so glad you shared yours with the world.